My Own Skin Boutique

We are a urban fashion boutique! We specialize in clothing, shoes and accessories. Yes! We serve both men and women.

Overall we focus on SelfCare, Spiritual or Holistic Healing.

With this we provide a instore service...Personal Shopping Experience. PSE is a 30-45 min booking of privacy for you or your loved ones.

Discover The Possibilities!



Men’s collection  

Plus Size Queens

Plus Size Queens

Clothing for all my thick boned Queens!  

  • Obsidian & Tiger's Eye Bracelet

    This is a protection both physical and mental. Enhances confidence, willpower and integrity. Brings good luck and prosperity. Removes all negative energies.

    Obsidian & Tiger's Eye Braclet 
  • Essential Vita-Mins Sea Moss

    100% Natural and handmade! This wonderful natural multivitamin is exactly what the body NEEDS! It provides your body with 92 minerals and vitamins needed to function on a daily.

  • Unbothered

    Plus size Queens are welcomed here! Show the world how UNBOTHERED you are with their opinion!